The seasons, the supply and the best products determine our selection. The menu, one of the dishes or our refreshing wine offer can vary on a daily, weekly or monthly base. Joann offers but one menu, with a choice between 5 to 7 courses.
Choose your preferred amount of dishes or opt for an exceptional experience with ‘Menu Joann’. The menu permits you not having to make a choice. Aperitive, wine, water and coffee or tea service are included. The wines are carefully selected for a harmonious composition. The cheese trolley with a season-based choice enriches the night: a guarantee for an unforgettable culinary evening.


5 | € 79,00
6 | € 89,00
7 | € 99,00

Wine Pairing

5 | € 46,25
6 | € 55,50
7 | € 64,75

Menu Joann
€ 199,00

Kitchen Garden

In addition to our well known Menu Joann, there is the possibility from July 2023 to enjoy a completely vegetarian menu. In this green menu we work as much as possible with products from our region and, of course, from the Enschede Kitchen Garden in collaboration with DCW. A place where not only fruit and vegetables, but also people flourish.

5 | € 79,00
6 | € 89,00
7 | € 99,00

Menu Preferences

Are there any dietary requirements or allergies that we can take into account? Do you or your table companions like to eat vegetarian, vegan or do you have other wishes? Whatever they are, we are happy to think along with you. If you are not sure whether we can meet your wishes*, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Due to the complexity of our dishes, it is not always possible to replace ingredients

When no notification has been made of dietary requirements or allergies in advance, we will charge an adjustment rate of € 19,50 per person.